Divergent Concepts Marketing Inc. (DCMI) is the sister company of BITAG Multimedia Network. DCMI is the exclusive marketing arm of theĀ  KINGS PREMIUM Food Supplement, manufactured by REH Kings Manufacturing Corporation. DCMI, REH Kings Manufacturing, and BITAG support Filipino farmers. All the ingredients used in Kings Herbal are locally produced.

The Herbalist

This all began in 1994 whe i was diagnosed to have Diabetes, Hypertension, and Lymphoma (cancer). I was a humble vegetable vendor at the Balintawak Market during those time. There was no way i could possibly provide for my daily sustenance and medication for my rapidly deteriorating health condition – due to my limited means. As my Illness progressed and my health conditioned worsened, i became impoverished, depressed, and almost crippled.

Helpless but not hopeless, got inspiration from seeing the stamina of goats and their seeming immunity from diseases. of all the animals. i observed the eating habits of goats and noted the variety of grasses and plants they chewed. from these observations, i made a concoction of lowly plants, leaves, barks, and even some seeds i faithfully drank the mixture i made until i have fully recovered from all my ailments. starting with myself, KIngs Premium has now helped thousand of filipinos. we wish to share the knowledge about the importance and effectiveness of share natural substances, for health promotion. we would also like to let you know that there can be alternative options to achieve wellness.

Ka Rey Herrera

Kings Premium Herbalist / Founder

I invite you all to experience wellness for yourselves. 'WALANG GAMOT ANG KAMATAYAN MAY LUNAS ANG KARAMDAMAN.' -Ka Rey herrera

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