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What our consumers say about kings premium

Ang KINGS Premium ay isang Food Supplement na nakakapagpalakas ng resistensya ng katawan natin, nainonormal nito ang ating blood sugar level, nanonormalize ang ating blood circulation, nainonormal din ang ating internal organ functions, napapalakas ang ating immune system at nadedetoxify ang ating katawan. ibat ibang karamdaman na ang natulungan nito. Pwede itong itake mula 7 months old , may sakit man o wala. Wala itong overdose, wala di itong side effects.

Her Fight story with Kings Premium

Pia is a crew ship overseas Filipino worker that is diagnosed with cancer. With proper medication through chemotherapy and daily intake of Kings Premium, she is now back on track on working again abroad. 


KINGS Premium benefits

  • KINGS Premium helps strengthen one’s immune system, thereby restore the normal  function of our vital organs.
  • KINGS Premium aids in the correction of any electrolyte imbalances and helps the  body return to it’s optimum healthy state.

KINGS Premium features

  • KINGS Premium is 100% organic, all ingredients are natural and no artifical flavorings.
  • Made from different kinds of fruits, vegetables and herbs that are fused together  resulting in a ready-to-drink food supplement.

Why KINGS Premium?

  1. Locally made, all ingredients are organic and can be found in the Philippines.
  2. Registered and meets the certification and approval from Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  3. Easy to administer, anyone can take it as food supplement.
  4. Easy to buy. can be bought through the dealers nationwide or can be bought directly from our business office and even though online marketing.
  5. Income opportunities.


*  Take 30 ml 20 minutes before meals or as directed by your health professional. Recommended dosage take before meals once a day.

DMCI Corporate Headquarters is located at The Richwell Center, 102 Timog Ave., Ground FLoor, Quezon CIty

Email: sales@kingsherbalpremium.com

Contact Numbers:
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